• Hanging On

    Hanging On

    Sometimes I make hangars from old wrenches.

  • 110431aa9b737681-File_000.jpeg

    I went to Colorado for winter break and spent a little time at my former workplace, J. Cotter Studio. Jim begged me to hang out and use a spare bench to make a couple pieces. This is a brooch from my second afternoon in Minturn. 

  • Pins


    I didn't feel productive today, so I made a safety pin before leaving.

  • First Project is in the Bag

    First Project is in the Bag

    My Intermediate students made texture/stamping tools from hardened nails at the start of this semester. 

  • Finishing Work

    Finishing Work

    Last weekend I spent plenty of time doing finsihing work while finishing work. It took more than 1/2 season of Silicon Valley, 3 episodes of Mad Men, and one episode each of This American Life, Snap Judgement, Reveal, Transistor, plus a few others on Friday and Saturday night. Glad its done.

  • Christmas Brass

    Christmas Brass

    For my father, who is a carpenter. Brass name plates.