• Progress


    My documentation skills are improving. My camera is a Fujifilm X30.

  • Making Pictures

    Making Pictures

    I've been working making better photographs this month. They're not perfect, but my documentation is much better. I'm getting a better grasp on cameras, too. 

  • Flashback

    Flashback to my first year of teaching. HSU's Marketing Department profiled the Jewelry and Small Metals area. I was nervous, but it turned out to be a great video!

  • Stone Setting Demo

    Stone Setting Demo

    I've just returned from Western Michigan University where I gave a lecture and a unique stone setting demo. These are my demo pieces.

  • Knievel-ween


    One of the best Halloween costumes I've constructed is 'Evil Knievel Inside The Washington Monument, 2009.' It was cold and wet that year, and I stayed warm and dry inside the obelisk.

  • Rooftop


    I've been working with my dad a day or two a week. It's been fun to use larger tools and worry a little less about being perfect. We are repairing rotten paneling around the windows, and replacing old siding and shingles. They view from the lift is nice at 35'.

  • Concrete


    This weekend we formed and poured a new drive for my dad's house.

  • Residency


    I'm doing a short residency in southwest Iowa. My first task at hand is restocking inventory; I'm making a ton of inexpensive production pieces.

  • Hot Cuts

    Hot Cuts

    I had to figure out a way to make clean cuts to add grommets to my camping tarp so it fits on my roof rack mounts. I was able to MacGuyver this out of stuff around my mom's house.

  • Upholstery


    I finished some upholstery projects while recovering from a dry socket wisdom tooth surgery. I found the camp stools at a yard sale and the chair in a trash pile. They were all pretty ragged, but now they look better with some new paint. The roller chair has been lowered three inches to have enough clearance to be used with my jeweler's bench. It's not perfect but it has been my most ambitious upholstery project yet.

  • Hanging On

    Hanging On

    Sometimes I make hangars from old wrenches.

  • 110431aa9b737681-File_000.jpeg

    I went to Colorado for winter break and spent a little time at my former workplace, J. Cotter Studio. Jim begged me to hang out and use a spare bench to make a couple pieces. This is a brooch from my second afternoon in Minturn. 

  • Champlevé Pins

    Champlevé Pins

    My students wrote a grant to bring in Zach Lechtenberg to give a champlevé enamel demonstration. 

    Left: Zach's demo piece

    Right: My dirty road cone

  • Pins


    I didn't feel productive today, so I made a safety pin before leaving.

  • First Project is in the Bag

    First Project is in the Bag

    My Intermediate students made texture/stamping tools from hardened nails at the start of this semester. 

  • Finishing Work

    Finishing Work

    Last weekend I spent plenty of time doing finsihing work while finishing work. It took more than 1/2 season of Silicon Valley, 3 episodes of Mad Men, and one episode each of This American Life, Snap Judgement, Reveal, Transistor, plus a few others on Friday and Saturday night. Glad its done.

  • Christmas Brass

    Christmas Brass

    For my father, who is a carpenter. Brass name plates.

  • 'Re-Handmade'


    I'm developing a side project exploring the interpretation of the term 'handmade.' This cup came from Asia and was handmade using a lathe. It was cheap too. So cheap that when it was damaged in shipping, its maker and distributer were fine with tossing it.  More to come.

  • Field Trippin'

    Field Trippin'

    Last weekend I took 12 of my students to Portland for a field trip. We killed a deer (accidentally), visited the University of Oregon, the Museum of Contemporary Craft, the Oregon College of Art and Craft, as well as several galleries. The photo above is from our visit with Martha Banyas, a Portlant enamelist.

  • Digital Fabrication at HSU

    Digital Fabrication at HSU

    This semester I taught Art 369B: Digital Fabrication, a 5 week introductory workshop using Rhinoceros to learn to digitally model and 3D print. This is a photo from the 'MONUMENTAL' project crit. This student's piece reads "Jeff Koons Is Overrated" at the base. The student neither liked or disliked Koons, but had feelings about Koons' 'hands off' approach to making artwork.

  • Testing.


    Model studies for future vessels in sterling silver.