Artist Statement / Bio

            My work explores the perception of necessity. I reference features from the physical landscape, vernacular architecture, and building materials to explore minimalist forms and attempt to remove details that are unnecessary. It can be argued that jewelry is not a necessity, and I counter that by using modest materials like steel.

            Planar cone forms frequently occur in my work to create a ‘minimalistic megaphone’ to suggest the act of broadcasting information. The objects in the ‘Planar’ series make a nod to traditional metalsmthing by using functional objects while simultaneously exploring minimalist forms.

            As a jeweler and metalsmith, I selectively embrace the use of precious materials and use silver solder and non-precious metals in non-traditional techniques. The minimal use of precious metals acknowledges jewelry’s decorative role.

            I'm currently teaching jewlery and small metals classes at Humboldt State University in Arcata, California while making exhibition and production work. In the past 13 years I've finished up a BFA from Iowa State, worked as a studio jeweler in Colorado, recieved an MFA from the University of Georgia, and operated my own produciton studio.